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Refreshing Aperol Spritz Recipe – The Italian Aperitivo Drink


Few things are quite as relaxing as watching the sun start to set in mid-Summer while sipping on a crisp, effervescent cocktail that matches the glowing orange of the sky. In Veneto, they sometimes jokingly refer to this as spritz hour, and the reason for this is the Aperol Spritz.

What is Aperol?

Aperol is an orange-based Italian bitter aperitif, or amaro, that was introduced in 1919 in Padua. It is a low alcohol aperitif (11% abv), similar in strength to many of the white wines from Northeastern Italy but very different in flavor.

It has an older sibling of sorts in Campari, a somewhat similar but darker, more bitter, and more alcoholic spirit that was first produced almost sixty years earlier. Today, Aperol and Campari are made by the same parent company, the Campari Group, though originally, they were not.

What is the flavor of Aperol?

The mix of herbs and roots that combined to make Aperol’s distinctive bittersweet citrus flavor has also led to its characteristic bright orange color. The bittersweet flavor and low alcohol have made Aperol a very mixable amaro that is well suited to quenching thirsts on warm Summer days and early evenings.

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