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Delicious and Super Easy Traditional Panna Cotta Recipe


There are many custard desserts in the food world; flan, pots de crème, crème caramel, etc. One traditional Italian version that is actually a little bit different is Panna Cotta.

Custard and Flan Versus Panna Cotta – Is it like a flan or creme brulee?

When making a custard or flan, you take milk or cream, sweeten it, thicken it with eggs, and then boil it down before baking or chilling it to set. Panna Cotta takes a different approach which can leave it far lighter and silkier than the other options.

Instead of mixing in and cooking egg, one uses gelatin to set the sweetened cream. This leaves an incredibly smooth and clean tasting pudding that can be topped with almost anything from fresh fruit to sauces and liqueurs.

Panna Cotta with fresh and high quality cream

But is it Traditional?

Panna Cotta is known as a traditional and classic Italian dessert and one would think it must be centuries old. In truth, it is only found in Italian recipe books starting in the 1960’s.