Choosing The Perfect Wine For Your Italian-Themed Dinner

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December 25, 2021

Your choice restaurant’s all ready – perfectly set tables, carefully arranged menus, a totally nice ambience. You are very sure of what dishes you’re going to order for this special dinner, starting with some spaghetti and meatballs, garlicky bread & a great dessert – cannoli.

Everything sounds so perfect. Suddenly your waiter will ask you what variety of wines you’d be getting. Then you go blank. A lot of diners, especially when exploring the Italian style of food are not really that educated as to what kinds of wines would go great with that lovely Italian inspired meal. So what factors will you consider to decide on the appropriate wine for that great Italian meal?

When starting off with appetizers to set your mood a good white-wine called Soave would be a fabulous pick. Since this kind of wine’s actually light plus it has that sweet almond flavor that would be pleasing to any tongue. The Soave tastes flowery and has a hint of a bitter taste.

Soave doesn’t just goes perfect with your appetizer meals but would go really well together with other lighter kinds of dishes like some really simple pastas or even rice.

A lot of Italian dishes are famous for their flavor & texture so they always require a fine tasting wine to pair them with. Try this very established and popular wine which originated in Italy – the Chianti. Chianti is so popular and almost always seen in really old movies and they’re usually presented inside those cute baskets made out of straw.

The Chianti offers a classical fruity taste giving out those bold and strong flavors that would definitely compliment any meal. This makes the Chianti a top choice for newbie wine drinkers as well as the excellent choice to pair any Italian dish with.

Then when it’s time for that great delicious ending to any meal – dessert, another great wine is applicable. A great Italian dessert wine would be the “Asti Spumanti”. The Asti is one of Italy’s most produced and manufactured wine and aside from that it has also found its way to California.

The Asti has become a very popular dessert wine and it ranges in taste – from semi-sweet to sweet and some prefer it rather than the French kind of champagnes. This great tasting wine in particular also goes perfectly well if paired with really sweet tasting desserts like fresh fruits and pie.

The wonderful thing when eating Italian dishes is that there’s a very wide selection of wines. The ones mentioned above are some of the most popular ones but there are so much more choices available. These certain wines mentioned above are a great start for novice drinkers too.

You could also try and get to know your local winery shop keeper and ask them for tips about what great Italian should be paired with great tasting Italian meals.