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Decorating Tips For That Italian Inspired Kitchen!

A great kitchen with that Italian inspired theme creates an atmosphere of warmth and welcome feeling offering guest’s a tantalizing view of the Italian culture.

Tuscany is a village in Italy where this Tuscan style comes from. It’s a unique Italian style for designing that embodies and integrates the warmth of earth colors together with materials out of natural settings and accents filled with architectural designs flaunting a timeless old look.

Without necessarily needing to buy expensive antiques just to attain that Tuscan appeal. The article shows a list of tips, strategies and ways of achieving that Italian inspired kitchen.


Make the most of colors mimicking the beautiful Tuscan way of landscape including rich colored golds, earth-tones and even sea colored elements. When purchasing Majolica ceramics either old or new, take advantage of colors that would influence your floor and wall colors.

Opt instead for those natural looking materials that includes terracotta, granite, slate and stone for you countertops & floors helping enhance and attain that homey and earthy Italian feel you’re hoping to acquire.


In the search for that most ideal lighting atmosphere for that Italian inspired kitchen always think of classical styles of lightings. Steer clear from those modern or new styles. If possible acquire lights wherein it has that unique looking wrought-iron look and feel.

Feel free to include lighting that has a recessed effect in acquiring a task-lighting style of lights. What is most important here is to steer clear from those light fixtures which are sporting that shiny finish and look and go for those light fixtures that look like antiques and made out of wrought-iron materials.


Today Italian inspired kitchen accessories are available in the market. Allow yourself to venture into checking your own local specialty stores selling antique items. When you’re purchasing old ceramic pitchers and bowls or even wooden kinds of bowls that are antiques or hand painted.

Add some sort of Majolica wares as one special addition in that Italian inspired kitchen. Also purchase a set of pottery that may be used daily. It’s very vital to include different styles of jars that have a decorative effect within the kitchen design like garlic ropes, peppers, or grape-vines on the jars. Then soften up its look by incorporating different greeneries such as pots that contain your home grown herbs.

We already gave you great tips and ideas in hoping to get that Italian inspired kitchen with our wonderful schemes of color and decoration which is really easy by either purchasing accessories by checking out local specialty stores or antique specialty stores. Definitely your end result would be a charming kitchen which is so rich and so full of Italian character.

But of course, all the better if you try out those Italian inspired dishes too so that the kitchen will not only look Italian but also smell Italian.

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