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Fast & Easy Homemade Healthy Italian Sausages In 10 Minutes!

Italian recipes usually call for sausages as an important ingredient in creating wonderful Italian dishes. “Sausage” is a word which was originally taken from the Latin term of “salt”.

Before refrigeration was discovered, salt was generally added in curing the cuts of meat. Curing the cuts of meat which was another form in preservation was created in order to avoid any meat from rapid spoilage versus a meat that was not cured with salt.

Eventually with new discoveries aside from depending on just salt, new kinds of spices were introduced and then added within the blend or mixture thus dry sausages were invented making them even last longer compared to those salted ones.

These spiced sausages were highly developed within Southern parts of Europe where their weather was actually relatively hotter. While Northern-Europeans experienced a relatively cooler weather helping them in preserving their cuts of meats easily.

Making sausages was highly considered as one form of art among chefs. Since way back then over thousands of different varieties of sausages have been created everyday all over the planet in various countries.

With more than two hundred varieties created in America alone, hot-dogs would remain as the most popular sausage. But when traveling farther towards Asia, a lot of seafood-based sausages are fast becoming popular.

When people on a strict dietary regimen hoping to consume nutritious Italian foods would steer clear from any kind of sausages due to a lot of different reasons. 1st, they believed that sausages contain a lot of high-fat. 2nd, nobody could determine which animal parts were being used for making sausage meat.

Even though people wouldn’t even attempt to create their very own sausages with the hassle of stuffing them into casings, but in reality it’s relatively easy when creating homemade sausages in bulk which results to a really nutritious Italian dish.

I just read an online post from one young gentleman who is from Japan. He says he enjoyed making pizza and serving it among friends, although one of his main ingredients, the Italian sausage, has a whooping price of 13USD for every pound.

Then he got so excited and thrilled when he learned that now he can create his very own sausages made straight from the comforts of home so he’s able to continue serving pizza to friends without hurting his pocket.

So here’s my personal recipe that I’d be very happy to share to all of you – a really healthy way of preparing Italian sausages. I regularly start off in making about 2 pounds then freezing the rest, then setting them aside to be used later. So prepare just 2 lbs of lean-ground pork. I prefer in mixing all spices altogether with the lean-ground meat.

Mix just about half a tsp of red-pepper flakes, 2 tbsps paprika, 1 tbsp salt, fennel seeds, 1.5 tsps of powdered garlic, 2 tsps ground pepper (black), 1 tsp sage, thyme, oregano and basil. Make use of your clean hands, and then meticulously incorporate all these spices within the ground meat ensuring total mixture.

Then place this inside the fridge overnight for the locking flavors would really lock in and get really absorbed thus you have created a really healthy and nutritious Italian kind of sausage. Enjoy!

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