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Great Ideas for Italian Dishes To Introduce To Your Friends & Family!

When tasting different bowls of many kinds of pasta, you’d end up with that heavy feeling of being so full and sated. When you’re tired of serving the very same old and boring lasagna and spaghetti, a lot of great tasting Italian dishes can be served which can then be paired with some other great tasting ingredients which will make your friends and family ask for more every time.

When serving Italian dishes, they don’t just mean pastas loaded up with cheeses & full of calories with every bite. In reality, people who live in Italy don’t just consume all these calorie laden dishes. Rather Italians consume healthy dishes which are minimal and light, utilizing fresh and simple ingredients.

Plus what’s great is that these Italian dishes don’t really require a long period of time to prepare & is one really great way for you to serve up traditional and classical Italian dishes to friends and family during gatherings or parties.

An easy and quick meal which is delicious and light at the same time is this one regular tomato based dish. Just toss in some tomatoes that were diced, basil, chopped up garlic & freshly diced mozzarella to a bowl full of hot spaghetti & you’d then be creating this really tasty tomato-caprese dish satisfying your palate without necessarily filling so full.

Feel free to include proteins in your dish, like some grilled shrimps or cubed chicken and they would provide a really good addition for this pasta recipe.

Another simple pasta recipe is one that incorporates tomato sauces – this is a regular dish served in most Italian households. This is commonly referred to as Amatriciana.

Just sauté chopped onions with some thick cuts of pancetta ’til pancetta has turned crisp. Then once pancetta turns crisp, then add in your canned tomato sauces, red-pepper-flakes, salt & pepper then toss them together with any pasta of your choice. This is one dish which is truly simple yet possesses a really rich and full bodied Italian flavor.

When not craving for anything that involves pasta, there are still a variety of Italian dishes that are really delicious and interesting too. Surprisingly Italians loves seafood. They love eating salmon and salmon has been a very popular kind of fish among Italians.

To infuse that Italian feel to salmon, just marinade the fish with any kind of pesto blend. Then bake or grill it depending on your cooking method of choice. Then just serve them together with some fresh salad greens and you’re all set.

Pesto could also be a marinade for shrimps and this would really bring out this nice flavor for that great tasting Italian shrimp dish. The pesto, aside from being really Italian, will allow regular seafood dishes to be infused with that hearty Italian flavor which will enhance their taste so well that your guests will want more and more of your Italian dishes.

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