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How To Throw A Great Italian-Themed Dinner Party!

When walking inside any Italian style restaurant- they’ll really take you to this totally whole new level of experience – its atmosphere, fragrant aroma and finally the delicious meals.

Italians really are normally very boisterous and lively during their meals, so expect any Italian restaurant to be very noisy indeed. But this element is all part and parcel of that Italian dining experience although you could just hold a very nice Italian inspired dinner in your home without all that noise if you prefer.

Italian foods are always popular in any part of the world. An Italian-themed meal usually gives you a certain feeling of contentment and Italian flavors really are great. So here are a few tips if you’re planning to host that Italian party for dinner.

1) Planning: When planning, think of how many people you’ll invite, determine the guest’s like and dislikes in food or how they may tolerate certain foods. Send out invitations to your guest regarding the party’s date & time so they can already save it in their calendars and this will guarantee that everyone you invite will really show up.

2) Invitations: Decide if you would rather send a quick email invite or perhaps explore a creative way of giving invites. Feel free to attach something that would give a hint of Italian. Like sending an invite together with a box of biscotti or perhaps incorporate colors symbolizing Italy or perhaps an Italian flag could be that nice background for your dinner invitation. Get creative.

3) Atmosphere: Create a very Italian atmosphere for your table using white & red checked table linens together with some chianti-bottles and candle-holders that have dripping wax on its sides maintaining a real genuine Italian look. Then you can also go with those plain green, red, white table linens.

Set your background music to some Italian inspired sounds like that of an opera like “Mina & Claudio Villa”, “Andrea Bocelli”, “Luciano Pavarotti” and “Enrico Caruso”. Keep the music Italian as this is 1 way to set your dining mood.

4) Food: Because Italians actually are famous for thriving in pleasurable foods, wine & great company, usually their dinners would take longer than expected. Because they see this as really one rare opportunity in spending time with friends and family compared to just purely eating.

Italian courses range between 3-6 meal courses, so its all up to you as host on how many courses you’d like to serve up to your guests.

If you’ve been cooking in your kitchen all day then without a doubt great fragrant aromatic Italian smells would permeate all around your house even before the guests start arriving – so slowly and carefully bake garlic breads inside your oven to create that fabulous Italian smell all around your house so that once guests would arrive they would know they have indeed arrived to your Italian-themed dinner.

Start the party with some antipasto – antipasto is really suggested for a nice start to your Italian-inspired dinner. Antipasto’s a very traditional and classical first meal served in Italian gatherings.

After offering appetizers on top of trays for the guests, request them to take their seats at your dinner table then serve antipasto which signals the start of any Italian meal. Antipasto is strategically placed at your table’s center.

Guests are provided with small sized plates for putting their dish choices. Classical choices like cured meats ranges from salami, smoked-ham, mortadella and prosciuito; vegetables that are marinated, olives, pepperoni or small sized peppers together with several kinds of different cheeses like mozzarella, bocconicini & provolone.

They start off with their 1st dish or course called primo or primo-piatto. Together with some minestra consisting of soups, risotto, gnocci, pasta, or some polenta just one cup size of polenta would do, because this dish has lots of carbohydrates.

This is then followed by the 2nd course commonly called as piatto-di-mezzo or secondo-piatto which regularly contains meat or even fish. Traditionally chicken, pork & veal are probably the most popularly prepared meat especially in the Northern regions.

While their side-dish is called contorno – consisting of steamed vegetables or some fresh salad. A classical menu would feature salad together with some main dish.
The initial dessert is fruit and cheese or known as Formaggio & frutta – where the fruit and cheese is typically paired together.

And then comes “Dolce” – a dessert ranging from cookies or cakes. They then always serve espresso or coffee which they refer to as “Caffè”. Then finally comes Digestivo which means digestives consisting of liquors like limoncello, amaro, grappa which means coffee killer or just “ammazzacaffe”.

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