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Making That Great Tasting Italian Ham Panini

Italy has been known to be 1 of those great places where fine cuisines are produced like their fabulous dishes; their great tasting wine, pizza delights and pastas are such wonderful treats almost nobody can resist.

Italy has become widely popular because of all these although there are more foods in Italy that have not been popularized yet they taste so good. Have you heard of their Italian made sandwiches which they fondly call “Panini” they have Turkey-Panini or Ham-Panini?

Panino refers to one sandwich while Panini refers to many, this is 1 famous Italian made sandwich consisting of one piece of a small sized loaf of bread that’s horizontally cut, then stuffed together with some choice meat selections, vegetables, cheese, spices and herbs & many more ingredients.

These sandwiches may vary; since some individuals prefer them topped with sauce or also even without any sauce. Some might also prefer adding toppings or sauces that would blend right in together with their locality.

All of these are great ways to create your paninis but the crucial factor here is on what cooking medium is used to make these great sandwiches. These sandwiches must be made using a good Panini press or grill.

Here is 1 great tasting Panini recipe to assist you in starting to create these wonderful sandwiches perfect especially when you just used some ham and there are a lot of leftovers inside the fridge.

Prepare required ingredients:

Ham; thinly sliced, leftover ham is acceptable
Loaf of bread (Italian-style)
Mozzarella (fresh)
Cheese (Provolone)
Basil & Spinach leaves (fresh); rinse & then pat to dry
Olive oil (extra virgin)
Vinegar (red wine)
Salt & Pepper


1) Slice into half Italian-loaf of bread. Then place slices of really thin mozzarella in both sides in order for them to remain intact when they are inside your Panini-grill or panini-press.

2) Place fresh toppings of basil and spinach leaves atop of your mozzarella.

3) Then sprinkle in some really good quantity of your red-wine vinegar, olive-oil, salt & pepper in order to achieve a great tasting flavor.

4) After which, layer some provolone.

5) Once done, top them off your thin ham slices then season with some salt & pepper.

6) Assemble the sides together then close them up.

7) Then brush them with some olive-oil right before placing them inside your Panini-grill.

8) Allow it to grill till cheeses melt.

9) Then take off from grill. Allow it to cool in just a couple of minutes till it’s no longer very hot in handling. Slice them up together with some desired shapes and cuts.

10) Finally serve them. Enjoy!

These sandwiches don’t only provide delicious tasting elements but also offer healthy benefits for anyone; this is considered as the ideal preferred food to go especially for people always rushing. Since these can be easily prepared inside your house then taken to your office or you could even order them straight from a well loved restaurant but in reality this alternative may be a bit pricey.

When the sandwiches fat and calories are questioned, no need for worrying since you are the one creating your very own making sure that you’re always in control of all ingredients. In order to maintain peace in your mind, choose the low fat or low calories ingredients when filling up these sandwiches

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