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Top 10 Italian Dishes Everybody Must Try When Vacationing In Italy!

Italian cooking is world renowned and is considered a great form of art by many. With their flavorful dishes gracing tables of different restaurants and homes all throughout the continents. Italian cooking has definitely made a mark in our culinary world with its flavorful and great tasting dishes that have been infused with really great herbs.

Italian cooking is really great and of course the very best way to get a taste of really original Italian cooking from the different regions all throughout Italy would be to take a little trip to their country for that really authentic and original Italian dining experience.

You can organize a tour which will take you from one Italian region to another so that you can sample their specialties and have a great Italian dining experience.

If you’re a tourist or simply just planning a short trip to Italy then these are great Italian foods that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


A modern Italian food which was created due to necessity during war times, this was when the peasants had to bake together available vegetables & some lean meat on top of some dough because of the necessity to eat and use whatever foods are available during the war so they ended up creating pizza.

Today pizza has become a very popular food and has become world renowned, but nothing compares to Italian style pizza.


Lasagna is 1 classic and very Italian signature when it comes to their cuisine. Typically served using ground-beef, together with some tasty sausages and cheeses. Some lasagnas are also made by using tomato sauces making the steps quite similar like that of making spaghetti sauces.

Chicken Parmigiana

A different yet classic dish which is so Italian.Very similarly compared to regular sandwiches which are created by frying chicken and bread pieces then topping them off with some melted cheeses.


The Italians are known for making a really excellent linguini. These are served together with clam-sauce that is actually made using fresh clams, olive-oil and garlic.

Fettuccine Alfredo

A fettuccine is described as the long and wide noodle kind while alfredo refers to that white and creamy sauce that Italians are so good at making. Fettucine is the perfect foil for making that creamy sauce stick to your fettucine which results in one great tasting plate of pasta. The dish has already become very popular with tourists and locals.

Pasta Primavera

Pasta created by using only vegetables. Ideally known to be a very classic vegetarian dish because it’s really served without meat but at times may be combined with some meat or shrimps.

Veal Marsala

Combines veal together with some Marsala wine-sauce. A very delicious meal served together with mushrooms and scallions.

Shrimp-Fra Diavolo

A really spicy kind of dish. Since Diavolo means devil in Italian language. The dish was named as such because it makes use of lots of finely crushed peppers that makes the dish very spicy and very delicious too.

Chicken Saltimbocca

Typically made together with some prosciutto, spinach, mozzarella & chicken.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Another classical dish & very popular too plus it’s world renowned. An affordable and simple dish utilizing different kinds of ingredients, including beef, tomatoes and of course spaghetti-noodles.

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